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Cure a hangover

Anthony Bourdain

“Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Szechuan food – works every time.”

― Anthony Bourdain, Chef

Build your own server

Derek Sivers

“Below are simple step-by-step instructions that work. Instead of drowning you in options, it uses an operating system called OpenBSD and a hosting company called Vultr because I’ve used them for years and I know they are good and trustworthy. But you could do this same setup with any free Linux or BSD operating system, with any hosting company that gives you “root” access to your own private server. You could even do it on an old laptop in your closet.”

- Derek Sivers, Programmer, Author, Entrepreneur

Make a classic Martini

Alessandro Palazzi


  • 1 frozen Martini glass
  • 100ml frozen No. 3 Gin
  • 5ml Sacred Dry vermouth
  • 1 zest of organic Amalfi lemon


  • Drop 5ml of Sacred Dry Vermouth into the frozen glass, run it around the glass then discard
  • Top the glass up with 100 ml of the frozen No.3 Gin
  • Finish off with a large twist of zest of organic Amalfi lemon, squeeze the lemon zest to extract the fragrant oils
  • Finally, gently swirl the lemon zest around the rim of the glass and drop it into the glass and enjoy your Classic Martini
- Alessandro Palazzi, Bar Manager, at Dukes Bar in London

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